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Golrush007 fan art presents ‘The Great James Bond Marathon’ – a journey through all 22 Bond films.


From Russia With Love Poster A retro style poster for my favourite Bond film, including a classic Sean Connery pose.

Live And Let Die posterA new poster for one of my favourite Bond films. I tried to emphasise the strange voodoo themes of the film, and give it a less glamorous and gritty look, which suits the film I think. Also, a bit of a homage to the first edition cover of the Goldfinger novel with the skulls with coins in the eye sockets. This also links to the original novel of Live And Let Die which concerned a treasure of gold coins.

Here are two poster that I designed for The Spy Who Loved Me. I did these about a year ago, but haven’t uploaded them until now. Enjoy!

The Spy Who Loved Me poster The Spy Who Loved Me teaser

Moonraker Fan Art Moonraker Fan Art

The Man With The Golden Gun Fan ArtThe inspiration for this poster was actually the poster for Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Licence to Kill Fan ArtA new teaser for Licence To Kill. This one goes for a grungy action feel, highlighting the loneliness and isolation of Bond in this film.

The Living Daylights Fan Art

Timothy Dalton’s first Bond film gets a film noir treatment in this dark and moody teaser. The ferris wheel is a homage to the Carol Reed noir classic The Third Man, which Bond directors Guy Hamilton and John Glen both worked on.

Dr. No Fan Art

My first new poster in nearly two years! A trip back in time in  to 1962. This poster is a 60s style rendering of the first Bond film, which uses the lettering from the Ian Fleming novel covers. Bond is portrayed as a dark and shadowy killer – a tough, ruthless character.

Wienerblut by Matt Raubenheimer(First Published: April 2008)

While James Bond relaxes in a very rainy Vienna after a succesful assignment a bizarre set of circumstances are busy unfolding and Bond’s leave is about to get as unpleasant as the weather.

One of Bond’s best friends who also happens to be the head of Station V in Vienna goes missing and Bond decides to take the law into his own hands in order to get his friend back. Bond must face up to the consequences of his own cold-blooded actions in an incident which could bring an end to his career as a double-oh.

“James, you’ve been in this business a long time. You know as well as I do that you can’t let feelings into the equation.”

These words could not be more true for Ian Fleming’s Master Spy, James Bond in ‘Wienerblut’.

Also included is the short story, ‘A Chance To Die’, in which Bond finds himself inches from death in Paris!

Download Wienerblut

Wienerblut by Matt Raubenheimer